Your Local Leicestershire Pest & Vermin Control Experts

We have been offering the best in pest and vermin control services to Industry, Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Agriculture and Domestic customers since 1990. This means you can rely on our experience for effective control of pests and vermin.

Our Pest Control Technicians are highly skilled and trained at courses and seminars, both in-house and at outside agencies, thus we can guarantee to be up to date with the latest legislation, technology, and developments. With a full back up service from senior personnel and from entomologists and laboratories we can ensure a thorough service.

We are members of the NPTA, members of Prompt and wildlife aware accredited. Our trade memberships and registrations are your assurance of reliable and professional business principles. Always verify memberships and registrations in matters of Pest and Vermin Control.

pest control accreditations

We are proud to support and work to the CRRU Code of Best Practice.