What is the cost to your business of not having regular and effective pest control?

We are always pleased to discuss pest control with you and advise which service best meets the needs of your business. All Service Contract Customers have additional peace of mind with our 24 hour emergency call out service.

If an infestation is discovered, monitored baits will be changed to a toxic rodenticide bait. Once the infestation is cleared, bait will be changed back to non-toxic. This is to help reduce toxic chemicals in use and to help protect the environment and comply with legislation.

A waste transfer note will be provided for waste we remove from your site in connection with our activities to comply with legislation.

We are proud to support and work to the CRRU Code of Practice.

macenviro contracts can also be tailored to suit your particular business needs.

We also offer an Electronic Fly Killer (EFK) Service Contract.

macenviro rats and mice

A non-toxic monitoring and toxic control contract for rats and mice.

Service provided.

  • We will place non-toxic and toxic baits(where required) and monitor stations inside and outside of the premises to monitor and control rodent activity.
  • We will carry out an Environmental Site Risk Assessement.
  • We will inspect the premises eight times per year at six weekly intervals.
  • We will provide a written inspection report at each inspection.
  • We will provide health and safety data sheets for any chemicals we use.
  • We will carry out and provide a COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessment and report.
  • We will provide a records folder to keep your reports and paperwork in.
  • Should an infestation be discovered we will treat it after consultation with you to an agreed schedule and price.

macenviro rats, mice and insects

A non-toxic monitoring and toxic control contract for rats, mice and insects.

Service provided as in macenviro rats and mice, plus.

We will place insect monitors inside the premises containing a sticky board monitor to help check for insect activity. The sticky boards will be changed at each inspection.

Contracts Include

  • LABOUR CHARGES: Routine inspections, follow up visits or call out visits.
  • MATERIALS: Mouse bait boxes, rat bait boxes, mouse baits, rat baits, rodent sonic repeller, insect monitor boxes, insect monitor glue boards and insecticides.
  • RECORDS: Records folder, inspection reports, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessment and report, Health and Safety Data Sheets, Environmental Site Risk Assessement and site plan or check list.

Premier Service

Some clients require much more detailed information, records and reports. Our premier service meets these requirements with additional service visits, more detailed written service reports and regular quality control checks carried out by senior technicians with typed reports detailing pest status recommendations to clients on improving their premises to deny pest access. For more information on our premier service please get in touch.

macenviro Electric Fly Killer Service Contract

The effectiveness of Electric Fly Killers can only be achieved through regular maintenance and servicing. Additionally, consumables (sticky boards and tubes) should only be replaced with the correct type as recommended by the manufacturer to continually maximize their killing efficiency.

For your peace of mind and long term value for money, we can offer a service contract to ensure the machines maintain their efficiency. Well maintained units are good for you and your customers.

If you would like to know more about our Electric Fly Killer Service Contracts get in touch with us.