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Squirrels??Hearing noises in the loft??


The grey Squirrel could be that noise….

Have you been hearing it for a while? They could have been nesting up since December.

The grey Squirrel normally breeds twice a year, from December to February and then May to June with the litter born after around about a 44 day gestation period.

The size of the litter can range from 2 to 6 depending on conditions, these young will be weaned after 7 weeks and leave the nest/drey after 10 weeks.

Damage to property.

Squirrels can cause serious damage to your property. From chewing cables (this poses a fire risk) water pipes  (potential water damage or shorting out electrics) and also structural damage to roof timbers.

This constant chewing is to grind down the tough outer coating of enamel on their teeth which grows continuously through their life.

Control measures and proofing.

The first thing to do is Contact Us  if you think you might have Squirrels in the loft or if they are becoming a nuisance in the garden. We will come out and advise you on the best course of action.

Trapping would be the first option inside the property but other methods could be used outside. It is against the law to release a grey Squirrel once caught as they are an invasive species, so I am afraid we can not release them away from your property.

Once the control measures have done an effective job of removing the infestation we could look into proofing measures to stop any further pests gaining access to your loft.

Don’t hesitate.

Contact us today to remove those unwanted grey Squirrels….. They are not paying rent are they???



Posted: March 2, 2018