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How do I get rid of Ants?

Black Garden Ant

First sign of an Ant infestation..

Visual sightings of adults are often the first indication. Some earth excavation around wall edges and paving slabs are also a sign. ‘Ant eggs’ (pupae) under stones etc. shows nest site. This is one of the most common British Ants, found in almost all parts of the country. .

Why do I have them?

A hymenopterous insect, the Ant enters properties through cracks in brickwork and around/under windows/doors and pipe work in search of a meal. It causes annoyance when found feeding on our food, often causing people to throw away products found to be infested. However, they are not known to carry disease organisms.

What can I do to stop them coming in?

To stop Ants getting in can be quite tricky, sealing up holes, gaps and cracks is the first thing to do and the most obvious. This however will not stop them if the route in is out of view. For a professional inspection to be carried out contact us and we can arrange to come out at a convenient time. We do offer proofing advice or we can carry out the proofing at an agreed cost.

Treatment options..

We offer two options for treatment, the traditional spray treatment and also a targeted gel treatment.

  • Spray treatment would be a crack and crevice treatment of the infested area and also a blanket spray around any potential routes in and high activity sites. This is normally only used outside by us now as the targeted gel treatment is more effective inside. The Insecticide is sprayed and when the Ants pass over this they pick up the Insecticide and this kills them off.
  • Gel treatment would be a crack and crevice spot treatment of the infested area as above. A spot treatment to any routes in and also areas of high activity. The benefit of the gel treatment is it’s designed and targeted for Ants only and is far less harmful to the environment than conventional spraying methods. The Ants feed on the gel and take it back to the nest feeding it to the Queen which then kills off the nest.

Get the Professionals in..

If you would like to talk to one of our staff then please contact us for a free quote.

Posted: April 3, 2018